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COVID-19 Support

Food Distribution

With the surge in the second wave, a disastrous tragedy is unfolding in India, especially in the lives of the vulnerable communities who are battling the virus as well as daily survival, at the worst ever happening. Millions have been rendered homeless and without a livelihood, with quality care of their children compromised. Children are at a far greater risk as the second wave of Covid 19 strikes India. Fear of getting infected with Covid-19, anxiety to succumb to the virus, concern for an infected relative, and the thought of losing a loved one to this virus this is the current state of mind for most of us . Sadguru foundation disttributed food packets to poor homeless people.

Medical Camp & Oxygen Distribution

In these trying times Sadguru foundation expresses solidarity with the people to fight COVID -19 as well as to reach out and support to the best of our ability. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the country, all in terms of scale, speed of spread and impact, as a measure of response, Sadguru foundation has developed different strategies to cater to the emerging health and humanitarian crisis among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and communities, while ensuring that all the children under our care too remain safe and secure.

Support to Migrants

While the social and economic costs of coronavirus lockdowns, travel bans and social distancing initially focused on international migrants, there has been increasing attention paid to the plight of internal migrants.Within India, an estimated 40 million internal migrant workers, largely in the informal economy, were severely impacted by the government’s COVID-19 lockdown.With transportation systems initially shut down, many had no recourse to travel options back to homes and villages, resulting in harrowing journeys home. Those who were able to make it home found, in some instances, villages refusing entry because of fears of transmission. Sadguru foundation helped migrants by providing refreshment kits.

Ration Distribution

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has affected us in many ways, but it has affected the poor and the marginalised sections of the society the most. It has resulted in an economic crisis, resulting in loss of livelihoods of daily wage workers and migrant labourers. Feeding From Far is an initiative that has been feeding the poor and unemployed who are struggling to feed themselves during the lockdown. They have managed to distributed over 10 lakh ration kits to the needy since the first lockdown hit.

Mask & Sanitizer distribution

Sadguru Foundation has distributed 30,000 masks and other medical supplies to first responders, hospitals and poor people to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.sadguru foundation provided delivery of masks to first responders and those at the frontlines, delivering food, groceries, and medicines to those who need them, helping seniors in the community with medical advice and assisting stranded students with accommodation needs and food.

Stories from the ground

Our team at Sadguru Foundation is placing a lot of efforts on ground to relieve the current Covid-19 surge. As most of the communities are rural, people were not ready to do Covid vaccination due to fear and rumors like vaccination may cause to sudden death. Our team members are making efforts to strengthen the covid vaccination movement in our community clusters. We are helping the people in registering their names for vaccination. Moreover we are guiding our caregivers and community people to follow hygiene and sanitation practices and take extra care for Covid-19.